North Texas Team’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Canyon Falls

North Texas Team’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Canyon Falls

  • North Texas Team
  • 04/25/23

The many amenities of Canyon Falls make it a great pitch as a terrific place to call home. This can make it an easier prospect to sell your home if you’re relocating or buying a new home that better suits your needs. However, convincing a buyer that your home is the Canyon Falls real estate they should choose takes more than pointing out all the parks and trails to which they will have access.
As a seller, your job is to match the splendor of the area by ensuring your home is seen in its best possible light as well. Beyond simply cleaning and mowing the lawn before the open house, there are several home selling tips you can follow that will make your house stand out to buyers as the place they will want to call home.

Be prepared to spend money up front

It can be easy to fall into the idea that you will negotiate repairs or upgrades with buyers, and it is certainly true that you will never be able to predict exactly how a buyer will want to remodel a room to meet their tastes. However, putting off improvements may prevent buyers from seeing the potential in your home.
Before your house goes on the market, take an objective look around and consider what you can do to make it stand out. This may be as simple as adding a few shrubs to the landscaping, or as involved as remodeling the master suite bathroom. Most importantly, talk with your agent and get their input into what buyers are looking for and how you can draw attention to your home's best features.
Maybe your deck is in good condition, but a fresh coat of stain will present it a little better. Perhaps mounting a mirror on one wall will enhance the lighting in a room. There are many ways you can give your home added appeal, and your agent can give you the most relevant insights into what appeals to current buyers.

Take yourself out of the picture

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From sports memorabilia to family vacation photos, everyone decorates their homes in ways that make them their own. When preparing to sell, one might be tempted to think that the framed logo of a well-loved team will break the ice during showings, or that a buyer might look at the plaques on a wall in an office or den and be attracted to the idea of making a space of their own that resembles yours.
In actuality, personal touches can make buyers uncomfortable, leaving them feeling as if they are invading someone's private life. Too much decor that tells how you have used the space can also make it more difficult for buyers to imagine themselves in the home, rather than helping them feel how the space can be used.
This is also true when it comes to hiding any evidence of pets. It is certainly possible that some buyers will have their own furry friends, but you want them thinking about living in the home, not wondering what kind of dog you have. On the flip side, just the sight of a dog bed or litter box tucked in a corner can lead buyers to imagine they are smelling unpleasant pet aromas that aren’t even there.

Draw buyers in with decor

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While decluttering and depersonalizing, you should not completely sterilize your home before it is shown. The right touches of relatively neutral decor can help to jumpstart buyers' imaginations. For instance, one of the best home selling tips is to have neutral, non-gendered themes in bedrooms. This can help buyers get a sense of the space and how well their own furniture will fit.
Lean toward modern, minimalist decor wherever possible, but don't be afraid to add some touches that complement the natural features of the Canyon Falls area. Consider pieces made from natural materials for a room with large windows looking into a wooded area. Choose art pieces that do not overwhelm or become the focal point, as this can distract potential buyers from the space itself.

Show off the home’s best features

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From the outside to the inside, your home is likely to have features and amenities of its own that will already set it apart from other Canyon Falls real estate. You may have added a hot tub in the yard with a relaxing view, or perhaps you did extensive landscaping in your front yard with native vegetation.
It is important to ensure these unique features get the attention they deserve, and that they’re seen in a light that will make potential buyers want to call them their own. From lighting to presentation, what you draw attention to and how you do it can have a significant impact during a showing. Even something as simple as two potted plants outside your front door can make a big difference.
Drawing attention to your home's best features is a process that should start long before it is listed. It’s helpful to begin working with a qualified agent well before you expect to actually sell your home, and to get their home selling tips so that you are putting your time and money into efforts that will pay off.
To ensure you get the best possible price for your home, it’s vital to work with a great real estate agency. The North Texas Team has the experience and extensive knowledge of the local market to help you earn the price your home deserves. Contact them today to get started.

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